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MEFAL is in the pleasant position to announce the beginning of cooperation between our company and IOANNOU & IOANNOU LTD. Find below IOANNOU & IOANNOU LTD products:

MEFAL Code Product Description
10000978 Tepe Interdental 0.7mm YELLOW
10000979 Tepe Interdental 0.5mm RED
10000980 Tepe Interdental 0.6mm BLUE
10000981 Tepe Interdental 0.8mm GREEN
10001086 Tepe Interdental 0.45mm ORANGE
10001200 Tepe assorted brush
10001270 Tepe Interdental 0.4mm PINK
10001343 Tepe Interdental 1.1mm PURPLE
10001440 Nova Medium Blue
10001441 Nova Soft Yellow
10001442 Nova X-Soft Pink
10001455 Tepe Dental Waxed
10001498 Super (extra Large)
10001677 Tepe Interdental 1.3mm GREY
10002235 Tepe Interd. 0.5mm Red X-SOFT
10002236 Tepe Interdent. 0.6mm Blue X-SOFT
10002237 Tepe Interd. 0.7mm Yellow X-SOFT
10002238 Tepe Interd. 0.8mm Green X-SOFT
10002239 Tepe Interd. 1 .1 Purple X-SOFT
10003624 Te pe gel fluoride + brush
10003693 Durimplant gel 10ml

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