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MEFAL is in the pleasant position to announce the beginning of cooperation between our company and OTC SPANAKIS LTD. Find below OTC SPANAKIS LTD products:

MEFAL Code Product Description MEFAL Code Product Description
10004776 Tol velvet x lice 100ml 10006609 Pharmasept Clifixe 10cm X 20cm 5 Pcs
10004777 Flogo calm cream 50ml OTC Spanakis 10006610 Pharmasept Clifixe Eye 5 Pcs
10004778 Pharmasept Wipes For Heamorroids 10006611 Pharmasept Clifixe 10cm X 25cm 3 Pcs
10004779 Relax oil massage 125ml 10006612 Pharmasept Clifixe 5,5cm x 7cm 5 Pcs
10005636 Flogo calm protective cream 50ml Otc 10006613 Pharmasept Skinfixe 5,5cm x 7cm 5 Pcs
10005718 Tol velvet hygienic shower 400ml Otc 10006614 Pharmasept Skinfixe 10cm x 10cm 5 Pcs
10005895 Tol Velvet foot powder 70g 10006615 Pharmasept Skinfixe 10cm x 15cm 5 Pcs
10005896 Tol Velvet foot lotion 100ml 10006616 Pharmasept Skinfixe 10cm x 20cm 5 Pcs
10005897 Tol Velvet feet cream 70ml 10006617 Pharmasept Clifar 5cm x 7,5cm 5 Pcs
10005899 Tol velvet hand cream 75ml 10006720 Tol Velvet Baby Extra Calm Cream 150ml
10005901 Tol Velvet freezing power gel 100ml 10006860 Tol Velvet Baby Bath 1LT
10005903 Dr Fischer gloves  for cleaning 10pcs 10006861 Tol Velvet  Hygienic Shower 1LT
10005904 Clean & Velvet deep cleansing lotion 150 10006862 Tol Velvet Baby Pump 1LT
10005905 Flogo Calm extra Care Cream Otc 10007600 Pharmasept Tolelastic Color 6cm
10005956 Clean & velvet face & body daily scrub 10007601 Pharmasept Tolelastic Color 8cm
10006245 Tol Velvet Energizing Shampoo Oily 250ml 10007602 Pharmasept Tolelastic White 6cm
10006246 Tol Velvet Energizing Shampoo Dry 250ml 10007603 Pharmasept Tolelastic White 8cm
10006247 Tol Velvet Energ. Shampoo Normal  250ml 10007604 Pharmasept Tolelastic White 10cm
10006248 Tol Velvet Baby Bath 2 In 1 400ml 10007605 Pharmasept Classic Plasters 3 Sizes 30p.
10006249 Tol Velvet Baby Soothing Cream 10007606 Pharmasept Clear Plasters 20pcs 20 Strip
10006250 Tol Velvet Body Soothing Cream 10007607 Pharmasept Cushioned Plasters 15pcs
10006251 Tol Velvet Hygienic Foam Wash 10007608 Pharmasept Hypoallergenic Plasters 20pcs
10006252 Flogo After Bite Gel 15ml 10007609 Pharmasept Hypoallergenic 1m x 6cm
10006256 Clean & Velvet Oil Free Moisturising Cre 10007610 Pharmasept Por 5m x 2.5cm
10006257 Clean & Velvet Red Sports Roll On Lotion 10007611 Pharmasept Silk 5m x 2.5cm
10006258 Clean & Velvet Cleansing Gel 150ml 10007612 Pharmasept Film 5 x 2.5cm
10006435 Tol Velvet Energizing 24Hrs Cream 55ml 10007613 Tol Velvet Baby Mild Bath 300ml
10006448 Pharmasept Clifar 10cm x 10cm 5pcs 10007614 Tol Velvet Hygienic Camelia Shower 300ml
10006449 Pharmasept Clifar 11 x 18 3Pcs 10007615 Tol Velvet Extra Mild Shower 300ml
10006607 Pharmasept Clifixe 10cm X 10cm 5 Pcs 10008191 Tol Velvet Baby Soft Wipes 30pcs
10006608 Pharmasept Clifixe 10cm X 15cm 5 Pcs 10008192 Pharmasept Cleria Demake Up Wipes 30pcs
10008376 Pharmasept Baby Natural Oil 125ml

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