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MEFAL is in the pleasant position to announce the beginning of cooperation between our company and PHARMA FSC LTD. Find below PHARMA FSC LTD products:

MEFAL Code Product Description
10005683 Injuv Med 60 soft gels Pharma Fsc
10005691 Thinopuntia soft gels 30
10005692 Hair loss ampoules (Pharma Fsc)
10005735 Ester C 500mg display (12 tubes ) FSC
10005990 Ardes Hyaluronic acid instant filler 10m
10005991 Ardes intense hydration face serum 50ml
10005992 Ardes intense radiance face serum 50ml
10005993 Ardes intense nourishing face cream 50ml
10005994 Ardes intense lifting neck breast serum
10005995 Ardes intense firming lift body cream
10005996 Ardes intense lifting serum 140 doses
10006595 Collagen Cynergy Med 500ml Pharma Fsc

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