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MEFAL is in the pleasant position to announce the beginning of cooperation between our company and  SUNSHINE PHARMA. Find below products SUNSHINE PHARMA.

MEFAL Code Product Description
10013094 Enterosgel Oral Suspension 225g
10013095 Enterosgel Oral Suspension 90g
10013096 Enterosgel Oral Suspension 10x15g Sachet
10013097 Herbamedicus Horse Balsam Cool Gel 250ml
10013098 Herbamedicus Horse Balsam Warm Gel 250ml
10013099 Herbamedicus Unicatum Chondro Balsam 250
10013100 Celandrin Forte Ointment 40g
10013101 Biodeur Pythie Foot Powder 3x1g
10013102 Biodeur Pythie Nail Effevr. 3x3g Tabs
10013103 Biodeur Pythie Prevent Powder 3x3g

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