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MEFAL is in the pleasant position to announce the beginning of cooperation between our company and STEFANI & PANAY.. Find below   STEFANI & PANAY. products:

MEFAL Code Product Description
10012321 Clineral D Medic Foot Cream 125ml
10012322 Clineral X Zem Hand Cream 125ml
10012323 Clineral Topic Body Cream 200ml
10012324 Clineral Sebo Facial Balm Cream 50ml
10012325 Clineral PSO Body Cream 200ml
10012326 Clineral Sebo Facial Cleansing Gel
10012327 Clineral PSO Joint Skin Cream 75ml
10012328 Clineral D Medic Foot Gel Scrub 100ml
10012329 Clineral Topic Body Cream Foam 200ml
10012330 Clineral Topic Shower & Bath Oil 250ml
10012331 Clineral PSO Scalp Shampoo 250ml
10012338 Clineral PSO Scalp Cream Mask 200ml
10012339 Clineral Skinpro Gen. Cleansing Gel
10012340 Clineral Skinpro Calm Facial Moist. 50ml
10012341 Clineral Skinpro Moist. Cream SPF50
10012342 AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask 100ml
10012343 AHAVA Liquid Dead Sea Salt 200ml
10012344 AHAVA Purifying Mud Soap 100gr
10012345 AHAVA Moisturizing Salt Soap 100gr

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