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MEFAL is in the pleasant position to announce the beginning of cooperation between our company and SMD TRADING LTD . Find below SMD TRADING LTD products:

MEFAL Code Product Description
10011726 Deligios Green Tea Plus Citru & Lemongra
10011727 Deligios Tea Plus Pomegranate 230g
10011728 Deligios Coffee Plus 130g
10011729 Deligios Chocolate Drink with Stevia 225
10011730 Deligios Mousse Chocolate 200g
10011731 Deligios Panna Cotta 200g
10011732 Deligios Deligio Stevia 300g
10011733 Deligios Lemongrass & Hippophaes 230g
10011734 Deligios Green Tea Plus Goji Berry 230g
10011735 Deligios Creme Cheese Cake 200g
10011736 Deligios Beauty Jelly With Collagen 100g

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