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MEFAL is in the pleasant position to announce the beginning of cooperation between our company and FINDI GLOBAL NETWORK for GOLDI products. Find below GOLDI products:

Product Description
10008975 Goldi Body Black Mud Soap 125ml
10008979 Goldi Body Lux Bath Crystals Apple 350ml
10008981 Goldi Body Lux Bath Crystals Laven 350ml
10008978 Goldi Body Lux Bath Crystals Unsce 350ml
10009000 Goldi Body Min Touch Butter Milk&Hon 350
10008977 Goldi Body Mineral Salt Soap 125ml
10008988 Goldi Body Mineral Touch Body Lotion 220
10008982 Goldi Body Mineral Touch Foot Cream 150m
10008983 Goldi Body Mineral Touch Hand Cream 150m
10008998 Goldi Body MinerTouch Butter Litchi 350m
10008996 Goldi Body Pur Scrub Patchouli Laven 350
10008986 Goldi Body Pure Revival Mineral Mud 500m
10008991 Goldi Body Purifying Scrub Litch 350ml
10008993 Goldi Body Purifying Scrub Milk&Hon 350m
10009003 Goldi Body Salt&Cre Scrub Cucu Melon 350
10009002 Goldi Body Salt&Cream Scrub Ocean 350ml
10009001 Goldi Body Touch Butter Pat/li Laven 350
10008990 Goldi F Vitality Renewal Eye Cream 30ml
10008987 Goldi Facia Renewal Nourishing Cream 50m
10008994 Goldi Facial Anti Wrinkle Cream 50ml
10008992 Goldi Facial Anti Wrinkle Serum 30ml
10008985 Goldi Facial Clarifying Peeling Gel 50ml
10008984 Goldi Facial Complexion Cleansing Milk
10008995 Goldi Facial Dry Sauna Mask 30ml
10008980 Goldi Facial Fresh Complexion Lotion 220
10008999 Goldi Facial Hair Reviving Serum 50ml
10008997 Goldi Facial Pearl Mask 50ml
10008974 Goldi Facial Pure Revival Mud Mask 50ml
10008989 Goldi Facial Vitality Moist Cream 50ml

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